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Curb Appeal – Does it Really Matter?

It is common for prospective sellers to make a list of house projects that they need to do prior to listing their home for sale. Most often the list that is created forgets a very important part of your home – the outside. There could be a great debate held that to argue which is more important your interior appearance or your exterior appearance. The winner of the debate would be the person who says they both are equally important. Home buyers want a home that sparkles both inside and out.

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8 Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

  • Power wash siding and walkways
  • Hang easy-to-read house numbers
  • Plant blooming flowers and fresh greenery
  • Keep grass watered and yard maintained  – mow lawn, reseed or add fresh sod where needed, and keep dog nuggets picked up
  • Repaint or stain any exterior areas around the home that are faded, peeling, warn or weathered. Areas like doors, decks, window trim, soffit and fascia, and porch areas
  • Wash windows
  • Make walk ways and entrance areas to home warm and inviting – keep clean and fresh
  • Keep yard and driveway free of debris and clutter

The reason the outside appearance of your home is so important is because it is the very first impression the buyer is given of your home.  Most home buyers will look at the interior pictures of a home for sale on the internet and then do a drive by of the home to check out it’s curb appeal. This drive by moment typically is the determining factor on whether the prospective home buyer will request a showing of the home or not. So it is critical for home sellers to give their home as much curb appeal as possible as it is their homes first and most powerful impression.

Are You Considering Selling Your Home? 

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509 Lots Available For Sale in Woodbury MN

Lots for Sale in Woodbury MN

Woodbury MN real estate, Woodbury MN homes for sale, new construction Woodbury MN, Stonemill Farms, Dancing Water, Ryland Homes, Pulte HomesIf you are looking to build a new construction home in Woodbury MN you are in luck. There are over 500 lots available for you to purchase. In fact there are 509 lots for sale. The good and bad is that it gives you a lot of options. Building a new construction home is exciting but I would caution you to do some research before you get swept away in the excitement.

Cautions to take when looking to purchase a new construction home in Woodbury MN

  • Check to see how many phases the development will have in total
  • Find out what the time frame as been and will be of each phase
  • Look to see if there are any homes for sale in any of the previous phases
    • Find out how many and the price
    • Take a look at them and see how they compare to the home you may build. How different is it really?
    • What is the value of that pre-existing home vs the one you would be building? What did those sellers build their home for? Did they get that value back? Is it a glimpse into what would happen to the value of a home you would be building in the development?
    • You are looking to see if the development is being overbuilt and get an idea on how it may effect you and your value in the future. If a community is overbuilt and still has new homes being built then the values of pre-existing homes and any homes that are built will most often be negatively impacted by the overbuilt development.

Woodbury MN has some new construction developments that are very enticing for growing families however I am seeing many of the existing home owners in these developments struggle to sell their home. They are feeling the effects of an over built development that not only has built to many of the same style of home but also what happens when a development is still in the process of building homes.

I am concerned for buyers that are looking in these Woodbury MN developments. I strongly encourage every buyer to do their research. If you are considering a home in any new construction development do your homework and really educate yourself on the market trends.

Feel free to send me an email or give me a call if you would like additional information on any of the new construction development.

Break Down of the 509 Lots Available in Woodbury, MN

Multiple Dwellings Available:  82

Name of Development Lots Available
Dancing Waters 2 32
Dancing Waters 11 14
Highland Knoll 1 9
Stonemill Farms Sections 13 27


Single Dwellings Available:   427

Name of Development Lots Available
Ashton Ridge 32
Autumn Ridge 19
Bailey Lake 1 30
Dancing Waters 1 7
Dancing Waters 4 4
Dancing Waters 6 13
Dancing Waters 8 14
Dancing Waters 11 53
Dancing Waters 12 18
Dancing Waters 14 3
Dancing Waters 15 24
East Meadows 1 18
Oak View 4 14
Princeton Hills 1 9
Southridge 1 91
Stonemill Farms 5 11
Stonemill Farms 6 3
Stonemill Farms 10 22
Stonemill Farms 13 18
Sunrise Meadows 4 7
Troje Addition 1 2
Turnberry 5 6
Wyncrest 1 9

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